Welcome to WildSun Holistic Therapies. I am Lawrence, a Shiatsu practitioner, EEL facilitator and counselor.

WildSun Holistic Therapies is the culmination of a long journey of self-exploration, of learning how to live my best life and how to be my best in this world; of working out what I am meant to be doing with this one wild life. WildSun Holistic Therapies is my avenue for sharing the skills, knowledge and understandings from that journey, to support you in living a meaningful, rich and purposeful life.

My mission for Wild Sun Holistic Therapies is to mentor individuals in care of the self and soul, connecting and aligning people with their hearts, minds and bodies, and their environments.

My service is to midwife self-empowerment, emotional resilience and an understanding of life purpose through facilitated self-enquiry and exploration. I support your development of deeper self-awareness, guiding you with compassionate practices of self-discovery that are grounded in being a human being in a modern world.

Why Shiatsu?

I came to Shiatsu through studying Equine Acupressure, then beginning, but not completing, a degree in Chinese Medicine. Studying Chinese Medicine, I realised that I wanted a more holistic and traditional form of this medicine, rather than the heavily-based Western medical model that is currently taught. I had been interested in Shiatsu for a while, so took a semester-long introductory class in Zen Shiatsu and was hooked. I left my Chinese Medicine degree, and enrolled full-time in the Diploma of Shiatsu.

I have a deep interest in Taoism, 5 Element Theory and Japanese Traditional medicine, and I have been able to explore aspects of these as a Shiatsu practitioner.

While practicing Shiatsu, I have come to realise how much the body stores our lived experiences, and how much illness, chronic pain and certain diseases have a strong trauma-base to them. I began to research Chinese Medicine approaches to treating psycho-emotional trauma, but needed something more. So in 2021, I enrolled in a Diploma of Holistic Counselling as an adjunct to my Shiatsu practice, to further support my clients in the journey to wellness and wellbeing.

Why Equine Experiential Learning?

As a riding instructor during my 30s, I saw the power in connecting riders with their horses, in supporting and guiding horse owners and riders to a new and different way to connect with their horses. I focused on the horse as an individual, as a sentient being who had a voice to be heard in the riding experience.  As the riders’ relationship with their horse changed and developed through this approach, their self-worth, self-belief and emotional resilience increased. The teenaged riders did better at school, their experiences of bullying reduced, and they felt they had power and agency in themselves. They started blossoming. Adult riders felt more confident in their daily lives, more capable, and found purpose and new meaning in life.

Fast forward to 2012-13. I had just read Linda Kohanov’s books Riding Between the Worlds and The Tao of Equus, and was studying with Carolyn Resnick online. I was drawn to studying the more formal process of connecting horse and human to support people in overcoming adversity and illness to live more empowered and meaningful lives. I came across the Centre for Equine Experiential Learning and signed up for their offerings. Completing the study, I could see power in the work, but did not yet feel ready to support clients in their journeys, as I was very aware of potential trauma work that could be needed. I also had ethical issues about the use of horses for this work, based on my beliefs around seeking and allowing horses’ permission to participate.

9 years later, with my Shiatsu diploma under my belt and doing my own trauma work, I was drawn to return to studying Equine Experiential Learning at CEEL. I was better equipped to support trauma responses in clients, and thanks to my counselling studies, had a deeper understanding and knowledge of supporting clients through intense emotional responses, and guiding clients on challenging paths of self-enquiry and self-discovery.

Horses have a powerful capacity to support the process of counselling work, and EEL and counselling are powerful adjuncts to Shiatsu/bodywork.

I feel blessed to be able to combine these modalities and offer them to clients on their journeys to wellbeing, wellness and self-empowerment.


  • Diploma of Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies (Australian Shiatsu College)
  • Certified Practitioner, Equine Experiential Learning (CEEL)
  • Diploma of Holistic Counselling (The Awakening Group – completing)
  • Certificate in Ecotherapy (Tariki Trust, UK)
  • Certified mBit coach
  • member of STAA
  • member IICT