Outside – yourself, the box, the mainstream, indoors, the house, the car, out there, beyond.

What does outside mean to you? To me it has many meanings but more recently it means to go beyond the borders and edges that contain and domesticate, placate, sedate, alienate, disenfranchise, dehumanise, deny, diminish, dim. It means spaces in nature, which may well be inside your house, but mostly outside my house. It means to go beyond limitations, mine and projected others’ – mental, emotional, physical – and to reconnect with my deepest inner. As without, so within to resmoosh a phrase.

Inside all of us is a deep hidden cave. At the end of that cave is a veil, that when drawn back, reveals the cave as a viewing platform to the universe, which is visible and accessible to all of us.

Where would you be if you went outside yourself? Who would you be? What would that look like? Taste like? Feel like?

How will you bring that outside home?


birdie in the window march 18

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